Garage Door Spring Repair in Jacksonville, FL

Many homeowners don’t understand the importance of garage door springs since they can’t see them, but garage door springs outweigh the weight of the garage door to make it open and close. And if the spring breaks or is loose, it’s NOT a good idea to do DIY under any circumstances. There are many cases where going DIY has caused injuries and even deaths. This is why when you’re in need of garage door spring repair in Jacksonville, FL, calling the experienced, licensed, and insured professionals at Burden’s Overhead Doors is the answer!

We Repair All Types of Garage Door Springs

Before you get your garage door spring replaced or repaired, it’s best to know which type of spring you have. The two common types of spring types are torsion springs and extension springs. The main difference between them is that torsion springs are found in a shaft above your garage door while the extension spring is attached to the sides of the garage door. Torsion springs wind or unwind to open or close the door while extension springs fully expand or contract.


Our team of technicians are garage door spring specialists and are skilled in repairing all types of springs! When you call us for garage door spring repair in Jacksonville, FL, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality craftsmanship at an unbeatable price!


Garage Spring Life

Garage springs have a limited lifespan depending on how much you use them. The lifespan of garage doors is measured in cycles. Opening and closing is considered one cycle. Usually, the average garage door is used at least 4 times daily, opening and closing, which are two cycles.

Typically, a torsion spring lasts 10,000 cycles which translates to an approximate seven years while high-cycle springs have a lifespan from between 14-20 years. Typically, high-cycle springs are the most popular because of the longevity and low maintenance. When you call upon our garage door spring repair in Jacksonville, FL, we can recommend the best type of springs that will meet your needs and budget!

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